Jumpstart Rosters

Tuesdays 8:00-8:50

Maiah M
Naylah M
Kidus J
Zayden M
Mekhi J
Maliyah J
Adonai Z
Zuriel H
Alexia B

Tuesdays 4:15 – 5:15

Jeffrey D
Vivienne S
Esther Nohemi B
Victoria H
Melody M
Hareem O
Desmond E
Bryan A
Angelica R
Stacy M
Thong N
Kenny N
Alexander L
Jordan G


6-Week Piano Jumpstart Program Breakdown

Each week of the Jumpstart program consists of learning new songs, new musical concepts, and group games.

Here’s what we cover week-to-week:

Week 1: Basic Rhythms and Intro to Keyboard Geography. Students learn everything they need to know to read and play their first song.


Week 2: As we learn more keys, rhythms, and songs, we will also introduce exercises for finger independence, do some ear training, and present ideas for effective and realistic practice habits.


Week 3: Fun with instruments. Students use percussive instruments to demonstrate their rhythm-reading skills and will have fun exploring the orchestral sounds on the keyboard while playing their songs ensemble.


Week 4: Blues Band! Students get introduced to the blues genre and take their turn improvising a solo.


Week 5: Rehearsal week. Students will review all of the skills and concepts learned so far and prepare for the next week’s performance.


Week 6: Recital for parents! After one more rehearsal, parents will return early to hear about everything their student learned over the 6 weeks and hear a group performance.

After the program concludes your child will be invited to join one of our regular group classes taking place throughout the week or continue on Saturday mornings. 


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