How it works


Classes run for 60 minutes and have a maximum of 8 students.  Each student is seated at his or her own full, electronic keyboard with weighted keys to simulate the touch and feel of an acoustic piano.


Class is typically divided into 10-15 minute segments including direct instruction, games and activities, solo practice, ensemble playing and expanded studies such as musical eras, instrumentation, improvisation etc.


Class levels are loosely divided into Beginner, Advanced Beginner and Early Intermediate.  Within these brackets, classes are subdivided to ensure that groups progress at a similar pace.  This grouping will be based on several factors including previous experience, age and learning style.


Once you register for a class, you will be asked to schedule a student interview.  This is not an audition!  It is simply a chance for us to have a little one on one time with your student and ensure he or she is placed in the best learning environment.


With our Scaling Up achievement system inspired by the Royal School of Music students receive regular success badges and are periodically evaluated on their overall  level of proficiency and literacy.  Think of it as Karate Belts for pianists!

Class Schedule 

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes will be grouped and scheduled based on enrollment.  You may submit day and time preferences upon registration.  

  • Tuition is $99/month 
  • 10% Family Discount

** Tuition is paid monthly. Some months will have more lessons than others due to number of weeks and studio closings for holidays. Tuition does not change based on these fluctuations.

**Cancellation requires 30 days notice.  

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