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Performance Schedule


Below is an APPROXIMATE schedule for performances at the event.  Please arrive at least 30 MINUTES EARLY to avoid missing your favorite musician should we run ahead of schedule.  

11:00 AMOpening Remarks
11:05 AMThursday 6pm (Room 1 Marilyn)Thursday ThunderEllie K, Emily K Elina K, Aleta M, Sophie L , James D , Cohen E, Diego RMorning , Original Blues Composition
11:13 AMFriday 6 pm (Room 1 Travis)Friday FlamingosLyla M, Caileigh M, Lucy MRussian Dance , Original Blues Composition
11:21 AMMonday 1pm (Room 1 Marilyn)Monday MeerkatsNatalia H, Amelia H, Christian T, Isabella TTrumpet Voluntary , The Lost Kite Blues
11:29 AMMonday 4:45 (Room 1 Marilyn)The Wild Purple BeetsShennan S, Maeve M, Collin K, Jayden B, Faith S, Blake BRage over a Lost Penny , The Sleepy Blues
11:37 AMMonday 4:45 (Room 2 Darrin)Monday MoonlightAustin E, Fifi K, Mary Kate M, Tristan B, Declan BMoonlight Sonata , The Random Thunder Blues
11:45 AMMonday 6pm (Room 1 Marilyn)The Red GiantsAnita F, Andrew C, Sofia D, Teddy S, Sophia KIn the Hall of the Mountain King , The Curve Ball Blues
11:53 AMMonday 6 pm (Room 2 Darrin)The Note CrackersCarlie F, Alana F, Reagan M, Landon B, Elliot W, Landon JRussian Dance - Pre-Staff , Original Blues Composition
12:01 PMTuesday 3:15 (Room 2 Marilyn/Darrin)Tuesday TreblersRylie A, Sienna A, Timothy M, Katie D, Elijah KOverture from Marriage of Figaro , The 150 Push Up Blues
12:09 PMBreak
12:17 PMBreakRaffles (Kids T-Shirts, Summer Sessions)
12:25 PMBreak
12:33 PMTuesday 4:45 (Room 1 Marilyn/Darrin)The Dynamic 5Jude K, Isabella R, Jack B, Frazier O, Jonah PHungarian Dance , The Deep C Blues
12:41 PMTuesday 6pm (Room 1 Marilyn)Shining SunatinasKatie J, Brendan L, Anna V, Angel L, Yadel T, Xavier R, Lucy ZSonatina in G , The Solar Blues
12:49 PMTuesday 6pm (Room 2 Travis)Tuesday TigersAugust L, Gwen E, Gabby E, Ellie J, Reid V, Lourdes M, Bella L, Rania MAir Handel , Tiger Song
12:57 PMWedensday 2:15 (Room 1 Travis)The Morning MothsKate H, Natalie M, Piper B, Luke BMorning , Rainbow Sunrise
1:05 PMWednesday 3:30 (Room 1 Marilyn)The Minuet ChickensOwen S, Evan S, Charlie J, Seth M, Eamon M, Emmie M, Dmitry S, Jack SMinuet , Bach Bach Blues
1:13 PMWednesday 3:30 (Room 2 Travis)The Symphonic SpidersLizzy S, Jane L, Conor M, Nora S, Morgan M, Halle J, David MSYmphony No. 3 , Blue Spider Song
1:21 PMTuesday 4:45 (Room 2 Travis)GLESando GirlsEvie J, Sarah L, Genevieve T, Lynette O1812 Overture , Tako Sharc Blues
1:29 PMWednesday 4:45 (Room 1 Marilyn)The Red RestsIzzy V, Kiera M, Sofia E, Timothy Y, Joel W, Ellie W, Joshua S-D,Symphony 40 , The Mystery Blues
1:45 PMBreak
1:53 PMBreak
2:01 PMWednesday 4:45 (Room 2 TravisThe DVorangesMaeve D, Auggie B, Isaac V, Wyatt F, Kai D, Kiernan DNew World Symphony , Original Blues Composition
2:09 PMWednesday 6 pm (Room 2 Travis)The Tchaikovsky CheetahsElizabeth H, Jackson G, Hudson G, Lulu F, Rosie F, Diego E, Abigail CRussian Dance , The Western Blues
2:17 PMThursday 1 pm (Room 2 Marilyn)The Horse SchusColette P, Ari W, Sophie W, Joshua AWild Horseman, Rondo Alla Turca , Original Blues Composition
2:25 PMThursday 4:45 (Room 1 Marilyn)Purple PartyMackenzie G, Charlotte G, Avery G, Katie K, Ayden H, Valeska S, Joshua T, Rosie PSurprise Symphony , Original Blues Composition
2:33 PMThursday 4:45 (Room 2 Travis)Note NinjasMatthew C, Nina W, Lexi B, Jack SRigoletto Verdi , Original Blues Composition
2:41 PMThursday 6 pm (Room 2 Travis)The Super SwansAva M, Aria C, Mina C, Leon C, Roman D, Julin Z, Eilin Z, Benjamin OTheme from Swan Lake , Original Blues Composition
2:49 PMFriday 3:30 (Room 2 Joyce - Intermediate)TBDSue C, Ann C, Ava NMidnight on Boggy Creek , Original Blues Composition
2:57 PMFriday 6pm (Adults, Room 2 Marilyn)Swingin' SaintsFlori A, Ray B, Tammy C, Kendra C, Michele S, Frazier ORomanze, When the Saints Go Marching In , Original Blues Composition
3:05 PMBreak if Needed
3:13 PMOvertime if Needed
3:21 PMOvertime if Needed
3:29 PMOvertime if Needed

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