Frequently Asked Questions



1. What happens if my student misses a class?
In the case of a missed class, students can review the posted class assignment and are welcome to attend weekly online office hours for review and additional support.  Office hours and log in instructions are listed on the Parent Portal and students do not need to make an appointment – just pop in!



2. Can we change our lesson time?

We are happy to accomodate family schedules as best we can.  In the event that you need a new class time, we will review the schedule and provide options.  If there is not a class at the same point in the book as your student, that could result in a review period or a jump ahead.  We will discuss the options with you and decide together how to move forward.



3. Can you recommend a good keyboard to purchase? 

If you have a very young student just starting lessons, we recommend a starter instrument (to avoid breaking the bank!) Bundles are available at Amazon for      under $150 and include keyboard, music stand, bench, and headphones.  Once you are ready to upgrade to a long term instrument, we suggest that you reach out to Kraft Music for support finding the best option for your family and budget.  Our only arrangement with Kraft Music is that we are very pleased with the instruments they provided Piano Lab and they offer a discount for Piano Lab Families!



David Hall
Senior Sales Advisor
Kraft Music
(800) 783-3368 x. 4055



4. Can my student move to another class level?

We keep a watchful eye on our classes to ensure that every student is making steady progress.  However, if you notice that your student struggles at home or is

eager for a faster pace, we are happy to provide an assessment .  At the assessment we will explore practice habits, the possibility of supplemental assignments,

as well as options for joining a new class.



 5. Can we pause our tuition for a fcouple months,  or over the summer?

We do no pause subscriptions at Piano Lab but students who are unable to attend their regular weekly classes for an extended period are welcome to remain

actively enrolled while transitioning to a temporary ‘floating’ schedule.  During this period, the student can still be associated with their class and receive regular assignments while attending online office hours as their schedule allows.  This way, we can keep the student on pace with his or her class until they are

 ready to rejoin their group or shift to another class time.


6.  What if we need to cancel lessons?  

We understand that contracts can be a burden for families which is why we only require 30 days notice.  This period ensures time to address any particular needs/concerns or to provide closure for both student and teacher.  At times, students may need to shift immediately to online classes for their final month due to a move or schedule change which we are happy to accommodate.

Just email us a minimum of  30 days prior to your next billing cycle and we will supend your tuition before your next payment as well as make a plan for your student’s final month.



6. Do we have to log our practice time on the Parent Portal?

 Each week, our teachers review their students’ practice logs as a way to evaluate the proper pacing for each student and for the group as a whole.  If  a student

is struggling with their music  but they practiced their full 60 minutes, they may need help with a concept or technique.  If a student only practiced for 10 minutes and mastered their material, it might be time to look at advancement.  It is very hard for students to properly estimate practice time in hindsight, but when they log each day, we have all the data we need to make the best choices for each student.


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