Join An Ongoing Class At Piano Lab!

🎵  Do you have a student who is finally ready to reach their musical goals?

If your child is ready to begin their musical journey, join one of Piano Lab's NEW ongoing classes in March so they can take their first steps with fun & friends.

Our Newest Ongoing Classes Will Open Monday, April 15th & Wednesday, April 17th

  • Monday 4:45pm – 5:45pm Piano Primer for Ages 4-6

  • Wednesday 4:45pm – 5:45pm Piano Beginner for Ages 7-11

  • Wednesday 445pm – 545pm Piano Primer for Ages 4-6

  • Saturday 12:45pm – 1:45pm Piano Beginner for Ages 7-11


**Register Now & You Will Receive $50 Off Your June, July, & August Payments!!**

**The Registration Fee is your payment for April lessons, there is no fee for registering!**

See Piano Lab in Action!

Why Piano Lab?

Piano Lab is all about introducing kids to the wonderful world of piano in a comfortable, social environment. 


Besides incredible results in our students’ musical capabilities, we pride ourselves on building awesome friendships between like-minded kids. 


The magic of group piano classes is that playing piano becomes a social activity, connecting young musicians through their passion for music and fun. We love watching them light up when they hear a song come together, or seeing them spend time together after class getting lost in play.

Here are some of the ways we engage our students and get them hooked on playing piano:

🎶  Peer Accountability: Learning piano in a group setting encourages camaraderie and friendship among students. Your child will have the opportunity to make new friends who share their passion for music!


🎵  Trackable Progress: All of our programs follow a step-by-step program that helps kids work toward tangible results.


🎼  Versatile Activities: Each child is unique, which is why we make sure to mix things up and offer lots of different learning activities, like Treble Clef Uno and Pass the Panda.


💃 Peak Performance Moments: Some of the most memorable moments for any student are performing alongside their peers. That sense of pride, accomplishment, and the joy of self-expression reminds kids what they’ve been working toward. These ‘Peak Performance Moments’ go a long way, keeping students inspired and motivated to apply themselves in music, and in other aspects of life!

Beyond these benefits of group piano classes, we get to watch a lifetime love for music come to life in our students.  

We love Piano Lab!!! The kids enjoy the group lessons and fun atmosphere that has been created by the staff. Thank you for making learning piano such an enjoyable experience for my children.

Pen Buyer – Piano Lab Parent

My child loves it. She loves the instructors, materials, and even the practice! Every week she leaves feeling empowered in her new skills. 

Kerry Carlson – Piano Lab Parent 


This place is awesome! My kid loves the instructors and her new friends. She can read music and impressd her cousins with the songs she learned over the past few months. Enrolling her in these classes has been super rewarding. 

Jocelin – Piano Lab Parent

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