Open House

Visit Open Houses at
Piano Lab!

July 23rd and July 30th between 3-5pm
Sign up below to attend, space is limited.

Have questions about our program? Want to see if your student will LOVE it?

Come to our Open House July 23rd and 30th. 

Here parents and students are invited to drop in :

  • Tour the studio

  • Meet our teachers

  • Take a ‘mini’ lesson

  • Learn about our program

  • Receive Early Bird Discount 


Address:  7900 Andrus Rd. Ste. 11

                 Alexandria, VA 22306 

Can’t attend an Open House?

Email :  to schedule a private visit.

    Here's what other families have to say...

    Ellie is always in a great mood when she comes home. Thanks for your patience!
    I just wanted to say 'WOW!'. You continue 'grabbing the bull by the horns', using your creativity and passion, keeping the kids and families engaged and focused on enjoying piano and the much anticipated recital. Kudos to you and your team for making it happen. We LOVE your approach and support you on your brilliant decision/approach. Thanks for all you do.♥️
    - Isabel, Isaac & Jay & (Astro!)
    You are awesome-keep moving forward!! My prediction: you will “more than survive”; you will flourish!!! Luv it!
    I can’t not tell you how thankful I am for the piano lab’s influence in our kids’ lives. Cooper has started playing songs by ear. He says “you just sing the song in your head and play the note that sounds the same.”
    - Katherine
    Once again, the Piano Lab team amazes us with their communication, consideration, and creativity!
    -The Bowers Family
    Oliver (and we) are incredibly excited! Oliver seemed to think piano class was every day, and was sorely disappointed when discovered it’s only one time a week.
    - Sally

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