Piano Classes in Springfield


Piano Class in Springfield

Piano Classes in Springfield

If you live in Springfield, we can help you in your journey in becoming a pianist! Here at the Piano Lab, we believe that anyone can learn how to play piano no matter how young or old you are. We hold classes at all levels including: primer, beginner, advanced beginner, and intermediate. Our classes are specially designed so that you’ll learn amongst a small group of peers. Research states that a social environment accelerates learning, comprehension, and retention in knowledge. Our classes are more valuable because of the learning environment where students support one another and aim to grow and to share in the experiences. It’s also an opportunity to make new, like-minded friends. TIP: If you want to be in the same class time as your new friends, attend classes consistently on the same days of the week and at the same time! 

Learn Piano

Learning piano isn’t as hard as you think. Our Scaling Up Achievement system motivates you by making measurable goals that you can reach! The program is simple and easy. We give each student individual attention and create regular progress to give feedback and tips on how to improve. Music should never be boring. It is a creative outlet and at Piano Lab, we make learning fun! Not only are classes fun but we’ll be sure to keep you motivated and excited about new piano pieces to learn. Your fingers will be playing beautiful chords in no time and you’ll be able to play popular songs too! If you’re curious about what a class is like- feel free to join us for a free trial class. You’ll see for yourself what makes us different. 

Piano Teachers

Piano Lab founder Marilyn O’Leary isn’t the ordinary piano teacher; she’s been a professional musician since graduating with a piano performance minor in 1994. Her minor and experience makes her more than qualified to teach piano, which she has been doing for over 20 years. As a lead singer for over 15 years, she will enrich your learning with ear training and singing tips. What you get out of the piano class won’t be simply piano, but the foundation of music for the rest of your life! Our philosophy is that music is something that should be enjoyed so we make our classes fun and rewarding. Marilyn and our team at Piano Lab will keep you on your toes and expand your knowledge in the best way possible. 

Piano Lessons for Kids

As a parent herself, founder Marilyn O’Leary knows the importance of giving young students an environment where they can grow and expand their knowledge of music. She doesn’t just teach piano but also teaches communication skills and music theory in fun and interactive ways. The atmosphere will always leave young students craving to learn more. It’s no wonder that parents love Piano Lab! Unlike other piano tutors, we make sure to assign “homework” to maximize learning outside of the classroom. Our goal is for our students to learn and improve on a fast track and our program does just that.

Online Piano Lessons

The fun doesn’t stop online either! Piano Lab offers online classes through video interface where you still get to see your friends and interact with tutors live. The best part about online piano lessons is that you won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to attend. Classes are very flexible and the best part is that we keep lessons just as vibrant as in person!

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