Piano Ensemble Summer Session

Music Should Be Made Together         


Piano Ensemble


These week-long sessions are for students who have already studied piano and who would like to brush up on their skills and experience the dynamic and collaborative Piano Lab environment.

Through games, activities and direct instruction, participants will

  • Review and reinforce their existing knowledge and skills
  • Discover new musical concepts and techniques
  • Explore composition and improvisation
  • Learn, rehearse and perform an ensemble piece at the final class

Classes are 60 minutes Monday-Friday and are held between the hours of 1-7 pm. Final scheduling will be based on enrollment and grouping.  Please specify time preferences in your registration.


  • $125 one time fee for 5 days
  • 10% Family Discount



  • Students must be able to easily identify the keys on the piano
  • Students must know their basic rhythms (Quarter Note, Half Note, Whole Note, Eighth Note)
Sessions Offered the Weeks of

June 4-8  Homeschool Week – FULL
This is a FREE week for homeschooling families.

June 18-22  Go for Baroque
Harpsichords, Wigs, and Ruffles – Oh My!  Through songs, games, and listening, we will dive deeper into this fascinating period in music history.

June 25-29   We’ve got Rhythm
Future Drummers Welcome! We will deepen our rhythm skills on shakers, wood blocks, plastic cups, bongo drums and…yes, the piano!

July 16-20   Blues and Jazz
You might want to bring your cool hat and shades for this session.  We will be swinging and grooving through these modern styles with a little improv comedy along the way.

July 23-27   Super Sightreaders
Being able to play any song you want is a superpower!  Let’s have some fun conquering this often intimidating challenge with team games and activities.

July 30-Aug 3  Composition and Orchestration
Students will find their inner Maestro in this session when they hear THEIR ideas played by a full keyboard ‘orchestra’.

Aug 20-24  Classical Building Blocks
Who brought the legos to Piano Class?  We will explore the structure and form of the classical period with musical (and not so musical) games and activities.

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