Piano Lab Anywhere!

Piano Lab is a dynamic, group learning environment located in Alexandria, VA.  Our program was designed to ensure that students do not simply, ‘take piano lessons’, but that they achieve Lifelong Musicianship.  




By providing and environment and structures that help students maintain both their enthusiasm and discipline over the time it takes to learn the language of music.  

Students are MUCH more likely to remain committed when provided…


  • Peer interaction and accountability
  • Dynamic activities and drills for achieving mastery (and FUN!)
  • Peak performance moments
  • Measurable goals and achievement systems

Music is a language that any child can learn to speak, if given the right method and support.  We want to make it easier for families to reach real, sustainable music literacy rather than another generation of adults who say, “I took lessons when I was a kid but I can’t remember a thing!”

While we would LOVE for every interested student to join one of our in-person classes…it just isn’t always an option.

So, we have developed Piano Lab Anywhere.


PLA is our a Live VIrtual Classroom where groups of students will meet online for weekly lessons with their own teacher, Ms. Marilyn, the founder of Piano Lab.  Together they will receive instruction, ask questions, play games with other students, and receive resources to use at home during their practice week.

PLA uses the same curriculum as our in-person classes, and is designed to guide students ages 5 and up in achieving layers of mastery that make them solid readers and performers while also introducing them to other areas of interest such as composing and improvisation.  


The lessons are provided using a blend of Zoom Conference Technology and our own web tools. The classes are scheduled to provide a time and ‘place’ to meet (something that we find is more motivating than an automated program) but when necessary, families can watch the class recordings making it very flexible for busy families.  


Who is a good candidate for Piano Lab Anywhere?


  • Students who are waiting for a spot in one of our live classes.
  • Students who need flexibility due to busy family schedules (If you miss a class, you can watch the recording)
  • Students who want to ‘try out’ lessons before making a commitment.
  • Students who do not live in our geographic region.
  • Current Piano Lab students who want to reinforce their knowledge and skills.
  • Former Piano Lab students who have moved but want to continue their studies


Monthly tuition for PLA classes is $69 but our 6-Week Pilot programs are only a single payment of $29 per student.  


We have two Pilot programs beginning in May.


Pre-Level One for ages 5-7  

Tuesdays 10:00 am Beginning May 14th

Register HERE

Level One for Ages 8 and Up  

Wednesdays at 6pm Beginning May 15th


Register HERE

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