Online Group Piano Classes for Ages 6 and Up.

Music Brings Joy and Builds Confidence!

Of course you want your child to experience the magic of a music education.  The language of music is a gateway to a lifetime of self-expression and creativity.


And with each step of their journey, your piano student will…

  • Strengthen their focus
  • Build positive, productive, habits
  • Improve problem solving skills
  • Have Fun!

But with such busy family schedules, it can be hard to fit EVERYTHING in!

So how can you get your student started on the path to lifelong musicianship and maintain a level of flexibility?


The answer is…


PLA is a unique approach to piano lessons that blends the convenience of remote learning with the motivation of live, interactive sessions.  


Every week at their assigned lesson time, your student will log into a virtual classroom where they will join their peers for a 40 minute class filled with:

  • Introduction to new concepts
  • Activities to drill skills
  • Interactive group games
  • Ability to ask questions and receive feedback from their teacher.


After class, your student will have access to their own practice station where they can view assignments, log practice sessions and explore our growing library of video and other resources. 

The dynamic lessons that you will experience through Piano Lab Anywhere have been developed at our live studio in Alexandria, VA.  Every week, over 200 students attend our classes and experience the benefits of group music education including…


  • Peer accountability and encouragement
  • Varied and FUN learning activities
  • Steady, measurable achievements
  • Peak performance moments

And now, your student can experience the same unique curriculum
from the comfort of home!

Piano Lab Anywhere is offered to beginners ages 6 and up.  Our 1 Year courses are divided into three 12 Week Trimesters.  Our hope is for every student to complete all three trimesters of their course and graduate to the next level.  However. you can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.  



Monthly Tuition is $49.  Each additional sibling is only $10/month!


Our current sessions meet at the following times:

Primer Class (Age 6)                   Tuesdays 4:30

Beginner Class (Ages 7-12)        Tuesdays 5:30

*All classes are recorded and made available to students who either miss a week or are joining mid session.


Student Requirements

  • Students will need access to a piano or keyboard (small is fine!)
  • Books are available online Free of Charge and can be printed through Amazon.  You will receive instructions upon registration.
  • Siblings will each require their own log in and ideally their own laptop/tablet during class.  A keyboard or piano can be shared in the early stages.

See you in the VIRTUAL classroom!

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