Piano Lessons in Alexandria


Piano Classes in Alexandria

Piano Lessons in Alexandria

Piano lessons near Alexandria may be hard to choose from, but we’re different from other piano tutors. Online tutors may give you one on one attention but they can be boring and one-dimensional. However, at Piano Labs, our system is that of small, interactive classes. Research suggests that social environments contribute more to individual growth- and it makes sense! Exploring the world of music together with peers while making friends and having fun is almost just as rewarding as achieving new levels of personal growth. Our classes provide the best environment to flourish in and a proven, trackable, and an enriching success system.

Learn Piano

Piano- an instrument that almost everyone knows about but not everyone knows how to play. That’s okay! Here at Piano Lab, we have the solution to “how to learn piano” for you. No matter what level you are at, we’ll customize your learning program to fit your needs whether you’re a total newbie to music, advanced beginner, or an intermediate pianist. Anyone can play piano and we make it fun and easy. We make learning rewarding as well with our Scaling Up Achievement system for your milestones as a budding pianist. Our philosophy is that music is a fun and creative outlet and lessons should be fun as well!

Piano Teachers

Be prepared to start your life journey with music with Marilyn O’Leary! With over 20 years of experience, you’ll be in good hands. Worried about getting bored in class? Marilyn won’t EVER let that happen. Testimonies from students and parents alike rave about how fun and interactive classes are. According to research, students retain more knowledge within a community rich in social interaction, recall exercises, and by having fun! At Piano Lab, classes are a mix of engaging activities that enrich lessons and make it less snooze worthy and more exciting.

Piano Lessons for Kids

Kids will have so much fun in our program- guaranteed. That’s why parents love Piano Lab so much. This is the time to cultivate a lifelong journey not only as a pianist but as a musician as well. In class, students will learn about music theory and be able to understand notes, rhythm, pitch, and beat while having a lot of fun! There is so much opportunity to get involved in music, no matter how old you are (psst, we have a family discount). As a parent herself, Marilyn is great with kids and allows students’ minds to thrive in a learning environment and the best part is that they get to make friends too.

Online Piano Lessons

Bored at home with nothing exciting to do? We offer online piano classes! In a group setting, classes will be instructed over video call interface and bring together multiple students to learn together. Having other students learning with you means growing together and supporting each other’s journey to achieving more. This musical journey is more fun with others! Don’t worry, class sizes are small enough so that each student receives individual attention and still gets the benefits of group learning. During these times, we understand that in-person classes are not the safest. That’s why we made our online piano lessons have even more flexible times to learn at. There are multiple time slots for every level.

Free Piano Class

Curious about us? We offer a free trial class so that you can see first-hand how our live, interactions are like. Make sure to take a sneak peak of our online classes in our homepage!

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