Piano Lessons in Lincolnia


Lincolnia Piano Class

Piano Lessons in Lincolnia


If you’re looking for “piano lessons near me”, you’ve come to the right place because Piano Lab has the BEST piano lessons you’ll ever experience. Solo one-on-one classes are fine. But if you haven’t experienced our live, interactive classes- you’re missing out! Our live interactive classes feature activities that will enrich your learning. According to research, students who are in a stimulating, social environment learn faster and retain more knowledge. This adds value into our small classes where you can make new friends who are looking to learn piano as well! Our group classes also give experience in performance as individual students can showcase their skills through recitals. We keep our groups small so that every student will have attention and care to their learning. TIP: If you want to be in the same class time as your new friends, attend classes consistently on the same days of the week and at the same time! 

Learn piano

Learning piano can be boring and mundane. But you won’t get that vibe when you attend our classes. Come prepared to partake in games and activities that test your knowledge of musical notes and piano keys! No matter how old or young you are, you can learn how to play piano. We believe that music is something once learned, will never be forgotten and is the key to adding more flair and liveliness into our lives. Music is precious and allows people to be creative. If you’ve been wanting to pick up this instrument, learn more about us! Our simple system of teaching piano will accelerate your learning while keeping you interested. You won’t quit out of boredom because our classes are so fun, you’ll be excited to come again! You’ll be taking classes with peers who will support you as well. Want an insider look? We invite you to one of our free trial classes! You will see for yourself how rewarding, fun, and easy it is to play piano. 

Piano Teachers

Each student to be observed and be given a progress report regularly. This allows students to receive direct feedback on their performance over the course of learning as well as tips on things to practice on in their own time. Marilyn O’Leary started Piano Lab with the intent of not only teaching piano, but also of sharing the love of music and allowing this to manifest into something more. We want our students to do their best and to grow as people too. With over 20 years of experience in teaching, Marilyn is more than qualified to guide students to expanding their musical knowledge. Don’t let your stage fright stop you from playing piano! As a performer herself, she knows all of the tips and tricks in playing in front of large crowds. Our class style allows you to practice with small groups regularly so you’re in good hands. 

Piano lessons for kids

If you’re a parent, your children will tell you about how fun Piano Lab lessons are! Our Scaling Up Achievement system rewards students as they keep hitting goal after goal. This system teaches them that hard work will yield results. As a parent herself, Marilyn knows how to keep young students’ attention and to spur them on to achieve more. Kids aren’t the only ones who will benefit from our classes, music is for everyone! We offer family discounts as well so you’re free to take classes and bond with your family members. 

Online piano lessons

Here at Piano Labs, we value your health and time. Online classes are a great alternative and provide the same benefits of a small, live interactive class right at the convenience of your own home! We added even more time slots for you to choose from at all skill levels. It’s the same learning fun without the need to leave your house.

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