Piano Lessons in Mount Vernon

Piano Class in Mount Vernon

Piano Lessons in Mount Vernon

Piano classes should never be boring. At Piano Lab, it never is! With our special, small class structure that integrates learning activities, you’ll be constantly involved in lessons. Research studies show that students learn more when engaged in interactive activities that test their skill and knowledge. We incorporate research about recall so that our students learn better and faster. Our classes are designed to allow a small group of students to come together in a learning environment that allows them to flourish. This follows research studies that indicate that a social environment allows individuals to grow. It makes sense as students will have peers who will support them throughout their own journey. This collective experience is what sets Piano Lab apart!

Learn Piano

Piano isn’t as bad as you think. Yes- there are 88 keys but Piano Lab has a program that will teach you step-by-step how to play. This includes not only learning notes, but also music theory, beat, rhythm, chords, and all the good stuff that makes music wonderfully complex. You can create wonderful sounds too and our Scaling Up Achievement program will make learning fun and rewarding. By integrating small, measurable goals into the program, you’ll see for yourself that learning isn’t as hard as you may think! Levels range from “primer” to “intermediate” so you’ll know exactly what comes next. No matter how young or old you are, you can learn. (We offer family discounts too!)

Piano Teachers

At Piano Lab, we are happy to serve others in sharing the love of music. Our founder, Marilyn O’Leary has over 20 years of experience in teaching (with a piano performance minor) and is well known for her can-do attitude. She lifts moods, motivates students, and creates a vibrant environment in her classes. Her philosophy that we model from is that music is better when shared. In our class setting, you’ll be able to make new friends and get to know her as well. You won’t be learning just piano but you’ll get tips from the expert herself about performances and the musical career! (Questions about vocal training? Ask Marilyn, the lead singer with over 15 years of experience.)

Piano Lessons for Kids

It comes to no surprise that parents love us; it’s because their young pianists are so excited to come to class! We also keep parents updated with how their little ones are doing through regular progress reports. As a parent herself, Marilyn knows exactly how to keep young students attentive in class and makes the learning experience so rewarding that it boosts self esteem as well. Not only are students required to practice in class, but they’re also required to log practice hours and get reports on exactly which skills they should practice on. TIP: If your young one has good friends, you can see if they can get the same time and date slots so they’ll be able to learn together!

Online Piano Lessons

“Piano lessons near me” is so much closer than you expect. It’s right at the comfort of your own home- or wherever internet access is! Our video classes keep all of the benefits of live classes so you’ll still be able to share the musical experience with peers and see your friends. We made our online schedules a lot more flexible for all skill levels so make sure to check them all out! If you’re new to Piano Lab, we invited you to attend a free trial online session so you’ll see first-hand how fun our classes are.

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