Summer Songwriting Workshop

 Summer is the perfect time to explore.  And your child can explore

the world of music by creating their own!


How does a year-round piano school ensure that students experience the ease, discovery, and joy of summer?  How about during a global pandemic?


We Harness the Power of Music to Transport and Inspire them! 


This summer, Piano Lab students will be empowered and amazed as they create their own original music in familiar pop/rock/Disney styles.  


SLICK is a collaborative approach to music appreciation and songwriting that walks students through the natural creative process and introduces them to essential song construction tools.


Here is an overview…


SHAREstudents will express thoughts and ideas with ‘show and tell’, story building, and class discussions. These ideas will become the themes, words, phrases, and even rhythmic patterns of our original music.


LISTEN – we will listen to our surroundings, and then to songs in each genre while noticing specific elements and how they affect us.  Distinctions such as high or low, bright or dark, smooth or rhythmic allow us to see patterns and make choices for our original song.


INVESTIGATE – we will ‘crack open’ the music we love and discover the structures and techniques used by great composers and artists that produce those familiar and signature sounds.   From simple rhyming structure to rock piano patterns, this is where we demystify and realize that we can do it too!


CONSTRUCT– we will then apply our observations, preferences, and new knowledge of song form to shape and develop our musical ideas into a unique and personal work of art.   


KEEP a Journal-  students will be encouraged to jot down observations, collect topic ideas, and even notate their songs in a journal to anchor and encourage this process all summer long.  


Our enrolled students will be on this creative journey together all summer and you can join in the fun at our FREE Songwriting Workshop, Tuesday, June 30th at 10:00am.  


So set up the sprinklers and let’s get started!

Summer Songwriting Workshop Registration

Here is what parents have to say…

Thank you very much for setting up the virtual piano lesson format. David was so happy after his lesson today and thanked me several times for letting him take piano lessons and said how fun the lesson was. I know he misses all his friends and teachers and having the chance to connect today really lifted his spirits!

Thanks again!
Helen Vermillion

I just wanted to say thank you for the live class yesterday! It was such a boost in Caroline’s spirit and almost felt normal! Technology sure is amazing and thank you for making the best of this situation!

-Kristin T

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