Here is what parents and students are saying about Piano Lab…


“(My Daughter) had fun while learning to play the piano. You provided a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere which enabled her to enjoy the experience. Sometimes other piano teachers are really sticklers for the proper way to learn piano. However, with you, you taught her that without her knowing that’s what was happening. So she is excited about returning in the Fall. Thanks so much. See u then :-”


“I really enjoyed the friendly group :)”


“When I was having a really bad day I went there and my mom said I cam back skipping!  I really liked it!”


“I loved it! Thanks for taking the time to teach us!”


“My son attended a one-week trial of piano class over the summer. He had no prior experience playing piano or any other musical instrument. After the first day he told me that he was wanting to sign up for the fall session. He was so excited and I could tell that was because of Marilyn’s ability to get him energized about learning the piano. I don’t know what she does exactly, but my son returns each day after the lesson with a light in his eyes and he insists on practicing daily. At the recital, they even had a jam session, which I think is particularly important for someone like my son who appreciates freedom in artistic expression. We are signed up for the fall and shopping around for a keyboard now!”


“It was awesome!”


“(My daughter) really enjoyed her time at Piano Lab!  Thanks for allowing her the unique opportunity.  I think it has helped her confidence and drive to continue studying the piano.  Thanks for all your hard work!”


“I like the group experience, it is fun!”


“I think Piano Lab is great, and so are the games.”


“I liked everything!  Mrs. O’Leary was so fun and kind!”


“I loved the opportunity and group camaraderie.”


“She came home excited every afternoon.  Thank you so much for giving them this experience.”


“Longer please!”


“My kids are having such a great time, Marilyn!!! Thank you for this opportunity! Love to hear them both at the piano.”


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