For more info, contact:
Marilyn O’Leary
Piano Lab on Sherwood Hall Lane
7900 Andrus Road STE #11
Alexandria, VA 22306
P: 703.887-4133
E: Marilyn@StudentsLovePianoLab.com

Piano Lab is an innovative music school offering group classes that inspire young musicians through peer interaction, dynamic classroom activities, steady achievements, and peak performance moments.  Programs run year-round and are conveniently located just off of Sherwood Hall Lane.


Welcome Wednesday  (WEDNESDAY, DEC 2nd) is an opportunity for YOUR student to experience Piano Lab and to begin their journey towards lifelong musicianship.

At their FREE demo class students will

*Learn about the keyboard, basic note reading and rhythms
*Create their own improvisation ensemble
*Play games with friends and have fun!

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