Learn Piano Online!

Is it possible to learn piano online?

We started to answer this question EVEN BEFORE the COVID Lockdown!

We started hosted group piano lessons to our students who weren’t able to come to our Alexandria, VA piano studio back in November 2019 and parents loved it!

We called that “Piano Lab Anywhere!”

While we’d love for every student to participate at our studio classes, we knew that schedules, distance, and even the fact that we can only handle two classes of 8 musicians at a time made that impossible for ALL of the families who want to help their kids start down the path of Lifelong Musicianship!

But the Covid Quarantine turned this from an “optional” project to a necessity.

So we moved all 200 of our students into 35 online classes taught by our amazing Piano Lab Teachers…in a couple of weeks.

Classes are part “ZOOM”, part video instruction, assignments between classes, a log where you can record practice minutes, and the ability to submit performance videos for feedback.

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