Top 5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Take Piano Classes


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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Take Piano Classes

We understand that being a parent is super stressful. Between running errands, taking our kids to sporting events, school plays and even personal duties, we as parents are constantly being tugged in all directions and stretched thin with our time.

The addition of taking our kids to piano classes or enlisting them in virtual classes is also time consuming. But what exactly are the benefits of taking our kids to piano classes? Do the benefits outweighs the negatives? It turns out, in most cases, they do.

Playing the piano provides multiple arrays of benefits from cognitive enhancements to confidence building. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should enlist your kids to piano classes.

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1. Develop Greater Cognitive Intelligence

Your child’s brain is so young and malleable. It’s able to stretch in various ways that adult brains are unable to. The stretching of your child’s brain increases their cognitive function and provides them with greater overall intelligence.

We don’t want to turn this into a science course but here are some facts about your brain. Your right brain controls your left hand and your left brain controls your right hand. The development of both hemispheres are activated when your child is playing the piano. Learning to read musical notes while playing the piano at the same time greatly exercises the brain… in a good way!

Stimulate your child’s brain at a young age so they can get a head start.


2. Improved Concentration & Work Ethic

There’s a saying. “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment”.

Sitting down and practicing the piano everyday takes discipline and concentration. With technology so rampant, most kids now have a much harder time focusing than kids 20 years ago.

Give your kid a little leg up against their peers. Give your child the opportunity to sit down and focus on 1 single task completely.  Let them sit down and fully immerse themselves in piano lessons.

This ability to focus and concentrate will help your child in various other ways. They will see profound benefits in studying for exams, writing essays and solving equations.

3. Increased Emotional Intelligence & Awareness

While the benefits of musical education are numerous, one of the most profound changes comes at an emotional level. The right musical training will help your child fine-tune their brains to pick up subtle changes in tonality. This change will help develop your child’s emotional intelligence and ability to pick up subtly shifts in tone.

Overall, you will find that your child will be much better at sensing emotional shifts and vocal tones.

Start developing their emotional intelligence early!

4. Build Long-Lasting Confidence

It takes a lot of courage to sit in front of a large group of people and play in front of a crowd. I remember as a novice musician, the nervous feeling all too well. It’s the shallow breathing and the tightness in the stomach from overthinking. Thoughts ran through my head; mostly nervous thoughts. “Will I mess up my performance?” “Will everyone laugh at me?” The nervous feeling gradually went away as I started playing more and more shows but I would never have gotten over the anxiety if I never attempted it in the first place.

Publicly performing music is very similar to speaking in front of a stage. It is actually one of the most common phobias in the world, ahead of spiders and heights.

Give your child the opportunity to perform in front of others. Exposing them to public performances at a young age would greatly boost their confidence and stage abilities.

Imagine your child conquering that challenge early on in life.

5. Just A Great Skill To Have

Besides all the cognitive boosting benefits of the piano, just playing the piano feels GREAT. Piano skills carry over in other areas of their lives too. Whether it’s looking to pick up the saxophone or learning to play the guitar, their innate musical skills will be already developed and they will quickly learn that instrument.

Teaching piano classes to students is a passion of mine and all the teachers here at Piano Lab. If you are looking to enroll your kids in online piano courses, check out our online registration.

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