How To Find A Piano Tutor


Piano lessons! Some can’t hear that word without feeling a sense of dread. However, building musical skills does not have to be dull or overwhelming.  Music is a language of the soul and anyone can create beautiful sounds just from the touch of their fingertips.



Piano For Beginners

How do I learn how to play? There are 88 keys to the piano and it can be very daunting to someone without a background in music theory. One can teach themselves but it’s a lot harder without a proper tutor. Piano isn’t just about pressing keys. It’s a combination of knowledge, practical skills, and musicianship.  It sounds like a lot but the right tutor who can guide you every step of the way will make your life much easier.


How Do I Find Piano Tutor?


The first thing you do before even searching for a piano tutor is to identify your skill level and be honest with yourself.  Are you looking to play the piano as a hobby or professionally? 


The easiest way to test it out is enrolling in group classes. You can find out if piano classes are for you or not without much risk or investment.

Once you are enrolled in group classes, the next thing you need to do is identify your skill level and what additional skills you want want to acquire.


Don’t stress yourself though. It might take time and research to really understand what you truly want. Remember, baby steps first. Learn the basics and grow from there. You’re not locked into anything forever and you can always enlist a new tutor to help you once you’ve mastered the basics.


What To Look for In Piano Tutors



Someone who makes you comfortable

Just like coaches or trainers in any field, you need to be comfortable asking questions or communicating your needs.


DO NOT HESITATE to ask for clarity in a topic or skill you don’t understand. It’s like math, these skills build upon itself. You won’t be able to do multiplication if you didn’t understand the basics of addition. Foundations first!

 Group classes will teach you everything from ear training, reading, improv, technique composition in easy to learn bite size pieces.



A Motivator

Your tutor shouldn’t just teach you about piano, he or she has to leave room for you to growth and guide you.


Money shouldn’t be a limiting factor. It’s not really about paying for more classes to learn. Tutors should willingly and freely give “homework” in order to maximize your learning experience.


The student and teacher goals should be aligned to maximize your learning experience. Find a tutor who is willing to give you the best experience possible. Find a tutor who cares about your success!



Someone Who Helps You Reach Your Goals


Just as with coaches or trainers, the most effective ones are the ones who will work with YOU and guide you to where you want to be.

They need to customize to your needs. If you’re someone who struggles with self-discipline, skips practice, then you’ll need to find someone with a strict regimen who can create a reward system for you in order for you to succeed.


Also, the tutor needs to adapt themselves to your style in order to be the most effective. If you’re a diligent student who works hard but need more ear training, then it’s up to the tutor to take initiative and find your weakness and round that out. 


Testing Out Your Piano Teacher For Parents

If you’re a parent and you want to decide if piano classes are right for your child, then you may kindly ask if you can observe the teacher in action.

Ask yourself a few questions. 

  • Is the teacher understanding and respectful to my child?
  • Do the children respect the teacher?
  • Are the lessons engaging to the child or are they boring?
  • How does the teacher challenge the student?

Once you’ve properly observed your teachers, then you can make your decision.

Piano Notes



Remember, piano is a lifelong skill. It’s a starter instrument that can easily translate into other instruments.

Having the right piano tutors is crucial to your success. Who else will show you the right posture and break your bad habits? Just make sure you choose the right one. Everyone starts off as a beginner.If you truly want to grow and get guidance, you’ll need the right group setting in order to fully maximize your experience.

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